It's time for Summary Sunday! I didn't take a whole lot of pictures this week, so I'll just have to try to remember what we did! I'll start with Tuesday since last week's summary was on Monday and covered our sewing adventures. Tuesday I brought my work laptop home to work on a video presentation...nothing got done! Ian came to play so his Mom could go to volleyball. We love it when Ian comes to play!! Wednesday MK had gymnastics and did really well. There are two different set of events they do. She definitely does better on the one that includes zipline, bars, trampoline and vault. After we got home I got her fed and put to bed. I then did about 2 hours of work on a presentation that I had to give on Saturday. I'm drawing a blank on Thursday. I know I blogged and posted the awesome tshirt bag I made at work. Friday at work I was able to finalize our presentation. I have now learned to edit audio and video. We also unofficially found out we were selected to present at the Florida Dependency Summit. I'm super excited about that. The opportunity to spread the word about how child welfare should be done by including family whether the parents want them to know or not! While I was cooking dinner Sabre scratched on the backdoor so I opened it to let him out. The back porch/deck is all fenced so he can go be outside. Well MK decided to follow him. I thought she as just playing on the porch. I go to check on them and she is in the pool!

Saturday morning I had to work. I, along with Kelly and Trina, did a family finders presentation for the Hillsborough County Foster Parent Association. It was a good group that seemed very interested. Saturday afternoon I tried to do some embroidering and sewing, but realized Kim still had my memory card. I instead worked on the tshirt quilts that I have had since March-ish. I hope to take a day off this week from the extra time I've worked lately. If I do I'll work hard to get the quilts finished. MK took a nap about 330-530 so she was up for a while last night. Which means she slept in today! She slept til about 830!! Before we could get breakfast ready she was outside and ready to be in the pool. She did let me get her bathing suit on her before getting in. I posted on facebook that we were bored and Kim (a different Kim than the one with my memory card!) and Ian invited us to go to the park/beach.

Kim doesn't like the water, so I took both kids out to the "deep". The could both still stand and touch the bottom.

After all that swimming and playing in the sand, they drank lots and lots of water.

MK fell asleep on the way home. We just sat around and watch tv for a while. Natalie went to Famous Pizza and picked up some ziti and spaghetti. MK ate 3 helping of ziti and one of spaghetti!!

She made a HUGE mess. She even had it in her hair...the back of it! It was already past bedtime so I gave her a bath in the sink. She didn't really like it. She went to bed with no milk. This is a 1st, hopefully of many more nights. I'm now off to check facebook and go to bed!

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